Allen, TX Lice Removal Products

Your family’s safety and well-being are one of our greatest considerations – for that reason we recommend Allen, TX Lice Removal Products. Our lice removal products are non-toxic, yet extremely effective. Our experienced, well-trained staff provide detection, treatment, removal and professional combing as services to our clients. We have an array of products that can help keep you and your family completely free of these annoying little pests.

The Lice Place offers the safest and most effective treatments available. Our staff practice the highest level of professionalism, and we take pride in our service to the community. For those who live too far away from our clinics to take advantage of our services, we offer our products online. You can give us a call at 914-380-1900 if you have any questions at all about our products. We are always glad to offer our assistance.

Head lice can create an embarrassing and uncomfortable problem for you or for your family. But you do not have to add the effects of products that have to be handled with extreme caution or that can damage your hair or scalp; our products are safe, effective and gentle; and we take pride in making them available through our catalogue online, or you can purchase home products at any of our salons. Our Allen, TX Lice Removal Products are non-toxic and extremely effective it is our pleasure to provide them to both our local community and to the community at large.