Allen, TX Lice Removal Services

The Lice Place is just the spot for Allen, TX Lice Removal Services. One of the most dreaded notes home from school is the one that says, “The school nurse found head lice on your child today.” So many of the modern lice removal kits that are available in your local department or drug store contain toxic chemicals that must be handled with caution; or they use harsh ingredients that can leave the user’s scalp dry and almost as itchy as if the lice were still present – and they leave hair dry and brittle. In addition, there is the labor and cost of removing nits and lice from fabric and cloth furniture in your home.

Our products are 100 percent non-toxic, and use pesticide-free ingredients. Their contents will not harm you or your family, and they will get rid of the lice and nits. We have treatment rooms for our clients, that offer privacy, and we give each individual personalized care. In most cases, we can solve the problem with a single visit.

In addition, we provide information about how to prevent further infestation and how to deal with the pests in your home. We have shampoos and lotions that can be used for in-home treatment and to prevent a repeat infestation. We are a local company that is well established in Arlington, and we have brought relief to countless individuals and families in our area. We understand how annoying these little pests can be and the need for user-friendly, non-toxic but effective treatment. Give us a call today for Lice Treatment and Removal Services in Arlington.