Allen, TX Lice Treatment Services

The Lice Place has years of experience with lice removal. It can be frustrating and difficult to deal with head lice – particularly if you’ve never seen a louse before. Finding something on a child’s head when you are not quite sure exactly what you are looking for can be a big problem, and it is almost impossible to check your own head. Our trained professionals can take care of all of the Allen, TX Lice Treatment Services for you, and apply non-toxic, effective treatments to remove the problem, as well.

The Lice Place has years of experience in dealing with head lice. We conduct thorough head checks to make sure that lice are actually the problem, and we determine the extent of the infestation. It is a good idea to get everyone in the family checked and treated at the same time. We not only take care of the immediate treatment, we offer advice and products for dealing with taking care of the situation at home. We also offer practical advice for preventing re-infestation from school or from work.

We take pride in the useful service we offer. We are an NALTP certified member, and we maintain the highest standard of ethics. We use safe, pesticide free, effective methods to help our clients. Do not hesitate to call the Lice Place if you have need of Lice Treatment Services in the Allen TX area. We will be glad to help you and your family to be free of lice, and to remain so for many years to come.