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And the survey says. . . . . . . .

Clients are asked to complete an anonymous survey when they come into our office. It is strictly optional and, over a 12 month period at The Texas Lice Squad (our first lice removal company), we received 547 completed surveys. The main focus was to ascertain what type of product(s) had been used to treat their head lice, as well as how often, prior to coming in to our treatment center.

Products used are defined as follows:

  • OTC – These are over-the-counter products containing permethrin/pyrethrin. Examples would be RID, Nix, Pronto, etc.
  • Prescription Medications – These are products prescribed by a physician which may contain malathion, lindane, permethrin 5%. Examples would be Ovide, Kwell Shampoo, Elimite. This category also includes antibiotics.
  • Home Remedies – These would include items such as olive oil, mayonnaise, Vaseline, Listerine, Cetaphil, vinegar.
  • Electric zapping comb – An example would be the Robi-comb
  • Other – Products purchased over the counter or online. They are pesticide/chemical free and usually promote themselves as organic, all natural, non-toxic. Examples would be Lice Ice, LiceMD, etc.

Here are the results:

OTC 1647
Prescription Medications 102
Home Remedies 252
Electric-Zapping Comb 32
Other 354

Despite the best efforts of these 547 families, all 2387 treatment modalities failed. Why? They failed because “there is no magic potion”. At The Lice Place, the secret to our success relies on our specialized combing technique. That coupled with the education we provide families will insure when your treatment is complete at The Lice Place, you will not have to try us 2386 more times!

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