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Arlington, TX Lice Treatment Products

If you are looking for natural, non-toxic Arlington, TX Lice Treatment Products, look no further than The Lice Place. We formulate our lice removal shampoo, conditioner, and mousse with only natural oils and ingredients. Our products are tested and proven to kill lice and their eggs after application and are safe to use for family members of all ages.

We offer a complete range of lice treatment tools, from combs, shampoos, conditioners, and lice repelling mint spray. The Lice Place is the most trusted lice removal franchise in Texas. With our years of combined experience and safe services, we have become the area’s most reputable lice treatment and removal company. Our professionals are highly knowledgeable in diagnosing the severity of lice infestation accurately. We provide thorough head checks for individuals and families to confirm and remove infestations quickly and effectively.

Our in house lice treatment services are backed with 30-day guarantee and a free follow-up checks as needed. You will also receive free head checks for 3 months after your treatment to ensure that the lice will not be returning. If you would like to know more about preventive measures, our professionals are available for consultation and advise for suggestions on how to get rid of lice for good. Contact The Lice Place today to schedule your appointment immediately, before the further spread of lice. If you would like information or to place an order for our effective Lice Removal and Treatment products, please contact us at 972-380-1900.

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