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Arlington, TX Lice Treatment

Your child’s head lice problem can make your family distressed and frustrated. Attempting to remove lice by yourself can be very time-consuming and ineffective. Even after hours of hard work you can’t be sure if the problem has been resolved completely without professional inspection. The Lice Place offers proficient lice detection and removal services in our salons. Our lice treatment and removal services in Arlington clear away all lice and nits from your hair in just one session guaranteed.

The Lice Place has years of combined experience in providing professional lice treatment services to families in our neighborhood. We conduct thorough head checks to confirm the lice infestation and determine the severity of the problem. Our expert technicians provide professional guidance on preventive measures so that you can safeguard your family from future lice infestations. We also offer a range of lice removal products that are developed only using non-toxic, natural ingredients and oils, such as neem oil, mint and peppermint which help keep lice and nits away.

We are an NALTP certified member and take pride in providing our useful services with highest standards of ethic. The Lice Place is your best way to eradicate your head lice problem now and forever. The treatment methods we offer are the safest and the most effective options available on the market today. We provide our specialized treatments using non-toxic, pesticide free products and professional combing.  We follow specific guidelines and practices to protect our clients from any potential harm or future lice infestations.

Contact our expert technicians at The Lice Place to receive professional help and treatment for your Arlington, TX Lice Treatment needs. We are here to help keep your family free of lice today and in the years to come.

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