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Whether this is your first time dealing with head lice or you’ve had first-hand experience, you are probably aware that the elimination process is not the easiest to attempt on your own. In fact, it is a process that no parent ever wants to have to go through and they most certainly don’t want their children to go through it either. Unfortunately, with children in school, it’s common. However, there are safe and effective solutions available in order to combat this annoying problem.

Here at The Lice Place in Austin, TX, which is owned and operated by a Registered Nurse, you can stop wasting your money on over-the-counter products full of hazardous chemicals that may or may not work on eliminating the lice infestation in your child’s hair. Instead, give us a call so that we can go through your child’s hair, strand by strand, and eliminate the problem completely in just one treatment.

From treatment to prevention, our products here at The Lice Place in Austin are pesticide-free, non-toxic, all-natural solutions. Don’t worry if you can’t come in and enjoy our services because you can purchase the same products that we use on our customers online.

Stop wasting your time and money today on chemical shampoos and products that are supposed to get rid of lice. Call us today at The Lice Place to schedule an appointment for the most professional and effective lice removal service and to visit our Austin Quality Lice Removal and Treatment Clinic.

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