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Bessemer, AL Lice Removal Products

The Lice Place not only offers effective clinical lice treatment services, but has also created a number of lice removal products. These Bessemer, AL Lice Removal Products offer the safest way to cure head lice at home. Whether you want a terminator comb, a shampoo, conditioner, mousse or spray, we offer all at affordable prices. Our products are always created with high quality and natural ingredients, like peppermint, mint and Neem oil and so offer a natural safeguard from head lice infestations.

If you use these products on a regular basis, you will never get infested with lice and nits. Our shampoo is created with Neem oil that is a natural lice repellant, Using it with our TLP conditioner is the best way to get healthy, shiny and lice free hair. Also, our mint spray and TLP mousse help break the thickest nit glue and our exclusive terminator comb drags the nits out and destroys them. These products can easily be used on a regular basis. Since, they contain no harsh chemicals; they will never harm your scalp or hair. Even people with sensitive scalp and children can also use them regularly.

Our TLP products are best to be used at home or when you are out of the town. Our clinical treatment is also available at affordable prices and offers the safest cure to head lice and nits problems. We use non-toxic, pesticide free method of lice treatment that employs manual removal and professional combing. Our treatment comes with a 30-day guarantee and free follow-up program. Our professionals also provide our clients with counseling and guidance in preventive measures. Use our products and follow our advice to stay lice free for years.

Call us today to get your appointment scheduled. Our Bessemer, AL Lice Removal Products will help you keep your family free of lice, you can order these products online and we will deliver them in the minimum time possible. Contact The Lice Place today.

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