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Bessemer, AL Lice Removal Services

Bessemer Lice Treatment and Removal Services

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Although head lice are a common problem amongst children, anyone can get infested with them at any time. When your child or any other family member is discovered to have head lice, it is easy to get frustrated and distressed. In this type of situation, most parents start to panic. They try many different methods to attempt to eliminate the problem without success. If you are also suffering from head lice or nits, call The Lice Place to receive our professional Bessemer, AL Lice Removal Services that we offer at affordable prices.

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Bessemer, AL Lice Removal

We offer the industry’s best and the most effective lice treatment services using only the safest and trusted methods. With our one-time treatment application, you will be completely free of lice and nits.

Bessemer, AL Lice Treatment

Our treatment methods include pesticide free, non-toxic lice removal application. We use manual removal and professional combing as one of our treatment methods.  We also offer in house lice detection services to determine the extent of the infestation and subsequent treatment methods.

Bessemer, AL Lice Removal Products

The Lice Place has also developed a range of lice removal products. These products include shampoo, conditioner, mousse, spray and specialty combs. All of our products are formulated with high quality and natural ingredients and offer the most natural way to eliminate lice problems.

Bessemer, AL Lice Treatment Products

We formulate our products with only natural ingredients, including peppermint, mint and Neem oil. These components have been proven as effective method of lice repellant and as a result offer natural defense from nits and lice.

Bessemer, AL Lice Removal & Lice Treatment Clinic

The Lice Place is an all in one service provider and a NALTP certified member. Our services include nit and lice detection, removal, treatment, and specialty lice prevention products.

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