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Bessemer, AL Lice Removal

If attempted without professional assistance, lice removal can be a difficult and stressful process. If you don’t know what you are doing or are using incorrect products or methods, it is very unlikely that all lice or nits will be removed effectively. Contact the experts at The Lice Place for Bessemer, AL Lice Removal services now if you feel that your child or any other family member is infested with head lice or nits.

With our specialized and effective treatment services, at an and affordable price, we are our clients’ number one choice for lice removal and treatment in the Bessemer area. Our treatment methods are non-toxic and pesticide free, and thus are safe for the entire family. We employ manual removal, professional combing, and use only the most effective products available. We guarantee to eliminate nice and lice infestation after only one in salon treatment.  Treatments completed at any of our salons include a 30-day guarantee and free of cost follow up programs. We offer free head checks both before and after the treatment to determine the severity and ensure that the head lice have been effectively eliminated.

Our expert lice removal consultants offer professional guidance and preventive measures so that you may keep your family free of lice for years to come. The Lice Place also offers a comprehensive line of lice removal products to detect, treat, and remove any appearance of nits and lice to address the problem quickly.

For more information on our services, or to schedule your Bessemer Lice Removal appointment, contact The Lice Place today at 205-424-5165.

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