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Chris and Dantia Tate, Owners of The Lice Place in Midlothian, TX

Chris and Dantia Tate - The Lice Place in Midlothian TX

Chris and I opened The Lice Place -Midlothian August 1, 2018. People ask us all of the time, “Why? How do you get into something like this?” Two summers in a row, I found myself picking lice from our daughters hair and her friends hair with harmful chemicals, not realizing all of the side effects. We were at our wits end with these pesky bugs that we were willing to try anything! My friend and her daughter had visited The Lice Place in Dallas owned by CEO Penny Warner, who was a nurse that had been studying lice for 13 years. She had a product that was pesticide free and she could get rid of it in just one visit, I was sold!

Chris and I were full time parents able to work our Advocare business from home. Our kids decided to go back to school after homeschooling them all through their Jr. High years, we found ourselves wanting to pursue another project as well as continue our at home business. We continued to see multiple cases of lice just in the Midlothian area alone, not even realizing how many other towns around us were suffering from it as well, we saw a need for it and after a lot of prayer… we decided to take the plunge! Here were are! Our hearts are for ministry and this is definitely one that will drive you crazy sometime but is so fulfilling in the end! People ask us all the time, “ How do you do this??” Its simple, when we see kids coming in with their heads down, not smiling because they cannot have friends over, or go to the hairdresser, moms going nuts because they have tried everything, it is easy to do! Believe it or not, we love it, its fun!

We have a wonderful staff, we are a family owned and operated business, we are here to make your life easy when and if you ever need us! We are so happy to be a part of The Lice Place family!!

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