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Lice Clinic Treatment vs. In-Home Mobile Services

Several lice removal companies that offer in-home services will often state “Why go to a lice salon when we bring the salon to you?” The following will explain why leaving your home and coming to a professional is the wiser decision:

The Lice Place’s clinical offices are NOT salons but rather professional healthcare offices offering head lice removal services and education in a clean and professional clinical setting.

We are licensed, certified, and a member of the NALTP (National Association of Lice Treatment Professionals).

At The Lice Place, if lice/nits are not found – which is very often the case – you are charged $12.50 for the head check, provided with the most up-to-date head lice information, and sent home educated on ways to minimize any possible future head lice issue. If the same happens with an in-home service, there is usually a minimum charge of $100 plus a travel fee – before a head lice case has even been diagnosed.

With an in-home service, if you do not have head lice, the company has spent travel time as well as man-hours to send someone to your home. Because of this, it is in their best interest – not yours – to find and treat you for head lice.

Before you allow an in-home service to start a treatment that you may not need, have them show you what they find and explain to you exactly what makes it an egg or a louse.

In-home services will only have 1 technician to work on your entire family, so plan on the treatment being an all-day affair. At The Lice Place, we have multiple trained and qualified technicians to work on your family. This saves you time and money and allows you to quickly get back to your normal routine.

In-home services must make do with your chairs and lighting – which usually is not optimal for lice removal or comfort. In our clinic, we have the perfect setting for removing head lice – bright lights, comfortable chairs, clinical sinks, as well as DVD players, free Wi-Fi, and a playroom.

At The Lice Place, you are only charged for the actual treatment time, we do not charge for setting up or the time we spend explaining our process.

In-home services start their time when you open the front door or charge a “flat fee” regardless of how mild the case.

Treatment for head lice at The Lice Place takes you out of the frenzy of being at home and the stressful feeling that you need to clean everything just because you have lice. Your stress is alleviated the second you walk into one of our clinics. You will also breathe a sigh of relief when you learn that 99% of a head lice issue is on your head, not in your home.

In-home lice removal services usually do not provide a follow up.

An in-home service will usually instruct you to spend the next 2-3 weeks combing through your child’s hair every single day, usually with messy oil. If you have to do all that work yourself, why pay them? At The Lice Place, we have you return within 7 days for a quick, but thorough, follow up at NO CHARGE.

In-home lice removal companies do not usually offer a guarantee.

An in-home service guarantee is usually non-existent. When they leave your home, any return visits will be at a fee. In cases where there might be a guarantee, it can be very difficult for the customer to adhere to the “after- treatment protocol” making it almost impossible to receive the guarantee. At The Lice Place, we offer a no-hassle 30-day guarantee PLUS 3 months of FREE head checks.

The safety of your family and home should be taken into consideration when choosing an in-home treatment company.

From a safety perspective, it is important to understand that in-home services are popping up on a daily basis – people with little to no experience are now claiming to be lice ‘experts’. It is important to consider the access you are providing someone to your home and to your children.

At The Lice Place, we have been in business for over seven years. We are owned and operated by a Registered Nurse and are highly recommended by physicians, school nurses, pharmacists, and hair stylists. Each of our offices is located in family friendly areas, and all of our staff has been through rigorous and thorough background checks.

With a proven reputation for excellence within the communities we serve, we pride ourselves not only on our unmatched level of expertise and service, but also in our commitment to doing business with integrity. It is this level of professionalism that we hope will make The Lice Place your first choice for all your head lice removal needs.

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