Cody Bradstreet, Owner of The Lice Place Austin

Cody Bradstreet, Owner of The Lice Place Austin North & South

What is your background?

Licensed in 2002 as a Certified Public Accountant, I spent the first 10 years of my career as an financial auditor for Ernst & Young and managing a large team of accountants for a non-profit in Austin, TX. 8 years ago, I left the financial world to go work for Dell as a Senior Project Manager and eventually became a professional services sales executive for large federal government clients.

What made you decide to leave Dell to become a Lice Place franchisee?

Initially, I didn’t leave my full time employment for The Lice Place. In fact, I was able to run my first office and continue my full time job for about 2 years. It wasn’t until I decided to open my second location in December 2014, that I decided to make Lice my full time endeavor.

Why The Lice Place?

Well, I just fell in love with it. Initially, I was a client and had such an amazing experience as a patron, I decided to approach Penny about opportunities to be involved. While I didn’t know HOW I would ultimately be involved, I knew I just HAD to be.  I purchased the existing business located in Austin as the first franchisee.

When this company was started over 9 years ago, it was unheard of, now lice removal companies are popping up everywhere. What do you feel is the reason for our vast expansion and success, even though it’s become quite competitive?

Location, Location, Location!! AND a strong commitment to excellent quality and unparalleled customer service.

Do you like what you do? Why?

I love what I do. I absolutely love my customers and I love creating an experience that provides relief from the lice nightmare.

Does lice removal make people happy?

Successfully eradicating a head lice infestation, doesn’t just make our clients happy, it makes them sane again. 🙂

Why do you think there is such demand for professional lice removal services?

With OTC medicines and dangerous prescription drugs failing to provide families relief, coupled with the school policies allowing kids with live bugs to stay in the classroom, the transference of lice is at an all time high with little ability for families to self-treat. Many of our client come to us exhausted, frustrated, and broke from trying every kind of advertised treatment out there with no success. With our ability to offer a chemical and pesticide free treatment option with a 99.6% effective rate that takes just the length of a movie, families now have a real option to quickly eliminate head lice from their lives.

Why was The Lice Place a good fit for you?

As a young adult, I wanted to be a nurse but my schooling took a very different direction. With a strong business background and a nurse’s heart, the Lice Place allows me the ability to provide direct care and educational support to my clients while leveraging my business experience to optimize business performance.

What are the advantages of running a Lice Place franchise?

Becoming a Lice Place franchisee allowed me to buy an existing business that was already operational and without having to recreate the wheel. It also allowed me to gain valuable treatment training and experience very quickly. Since the business had been open for about 2 years, we had a strong client base and stable financials. This allowed me to continue working at Dell while I was working on improving and growing the business.  Opening an office from the ground up, would not have allowed me the same flexibility or reduced business risk.

What does a franchisee need to succeed?

A passion for the business, a strong work ethic and ongoing support from the corporate Franchisor, providing strategy and innovation in all areas of the business from marketing campaigns to improving the treatment processes and procedures.

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