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OTC Products:

Many of these are sold under the name RID, NIX, or store name brands. They contain pyrethrins, which are derived from chrysanthemums. This can cause problems in children with respiratory problems, ragweed allergies, etc. This is the same pesticide found in Raid Yard Guard and many other like products. It is designed to affect the bugs’ central nervous system (CNS); however, published research shows that 99.6% of the adult lice are now resistant to this pesticide. The eggs (which do not have a CNS) and baby lice (nymphs), are not affected by the use of these products. These pesticides can cause redness, swelling, itching, respiratory distress and more.

Olive Oil/Mayonnaise:

People are under the misconception that lice can be smothered with one of these pantry staples – they cannot. Using their spiracles, lice can shut down their own respiratory system. It is a messy and ineffective treatment.


Sold under the name OVIDE, malathion is a neurotoxin. It is not only neurotoxic to the bug, but to humans as well. It is extremely flammable and must remain in the hair 8-12 hours. Serious side effects include nosebleed, hair loss, flu-like symptoms, muscle, joint, and chest pain. A 2 oz. bottle costs $145. Those with long and/or thick hair require more than 1 bottle. It is also used as an insecticide on crops. Because malathion can be dangerous to humans, the EPA requires that a certain amount of time must pass (12 hours to 6 days) between the time of application of the insecticide and entry by a worker into a field where the chemical has been applied to avoid Malathion poisoning!

The Lousebuster – Heated Air Device:

A ‘hot air device’ which claims to kill all 3 stages of lice. Their research involved only 56 subjects – an incredibly small sample size considering statistics show between 6 million & 12 million children get head lice every year! This device is not to be used on children under the age of 4, nor those with sensory deficits (they can’t feel the heat which could potentially cause burns); the risks must be fully disclosed and a consent form must be signed. The flat-fee rates range from $175 to over $200, regardless of the amount of hair or severity of the case. And the nits must still be manually removed. Many services have chosen to stop using the device after seeing disappointing results. This is a direct quote from a Lousebuster service provider: “Heat machines make the lice removal process longer and are not 100% effective as claimed.”

Benzyl Alcohol:

Sold under the name Ulesfia, this product will smother the adult lice by preventing them from shutting down their spiracles. Direct contact with each bug for a minimum of 10 minutes is required. Ulesfia does not have ovicidal activity, which means it does not kill the eggs/nits – they must be removed. Five to 6 bottles ($63/bottle) are required per person/per treatment. Based on their own clinical studies, the effectiveness rate of Ulesfia is only at 76.2%.


Another new product by prescription only, sold under the name Natroba. It costs $200, only has an 84% success rate, offers no guarantee, and you have to do all the work. An average treatment at The Lice Place is $137, has a 99.6% success rate with a 100% guarantee, and WE do all the work. You do the math!


This prescription product has been around for years and is currently being repackaged & rebranded under the name Sklice. Clinical studies show a 71% effectiveness rate. Side effects of Ivermectin may include dizziness, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, diarrhea, constipation, weakness, sleepiness, uncontrollable shaking and chest discomfort.


Has been banned in over 53 countries. The EPA has banned its use as an insecticide due to environmental toxicity. It is not be used on babies, the elderly, or anyone weighing less than 110 lbs. Lindane has caused seizures and death. Other than gasoline. this is the most dangerous of all lice treatments!

Know This:

At The Lice Place we see children every day who have been treated with one or more of these products & they still have live lice & eggs in their hair! There is no magic potion or device. All bugs & their eggs must be removed. And that is what we safely do at The Lice Place, in one treatment – guaranteed!

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