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Conroe Lice Removal

Head lice removal is not an easy task. It is a time consuming process and can leave you frustrated if you try it on your own. You can get The Lice Place’s professional Conroe Lice Removal services if you feel that your child or any other family member is suffering from head lice infestations. Head lice, although, don’t fly or jump, can crawl quickly through hair. If the head is not cleared of lice, it can lead to persistent itching and rash. It is vital to diagnose the problem accurately and get it eradicated completely as soon as possible.

The Lice Place is the best name in the industry to offer specialized lice removal services. We are a well-established company and have years of combined experience. With our highest publicized success rate of any other lice removal company in the U.S. and a safe treatment method, we are Texas’ most trusted lice removal company. Over the years, The Lice Place has helped thousands of families and individuals get clear of lice.

We offer a non-toxic, pesticide free method of lice treatment that guarantees to eradicate complete infestation in just one-time treatment session. Our treatment method employs professional combing and manual removals that never harm your hair or scalp. We use the safest TLP lice treatment products that are formulated using natural ingredients like, Neem oil, peppermint and mint. You can also purchase these products that we offer at affordable prices. Order them online today and get complete defense from future infestations.

The Lice Place understands and respects its clients’ need of privacy. We offer discreet treatment and private treatment rooms for all the families that come for treatment. Here, you will get personalized care and professional guidance to keep your family lice free for years. Call us today to get your appointment scheduled. The Lice Place is a NALTP certified member and is takes required measures to protect their clients from any potential harm. You can trust us for our safe and effective Conroe Lice Removal services that will remove the existing infestation along with preventing future problems.

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