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Conroe Lice Treatment Products

The Lice Place offers a full range of non-toxic pesticide free Conroe Lice Treatment Products at affordable prices. Whether you need a lice removal mousse, spray, shampoo, conditioner, comb or brush, we offer all. These products are tested and proven to kill lice and nits completely. You can use them at home or when you are out of town.

The Lice place is a leading lice removal franchise in the state of Texas. We have many years of combined experience and the highest publicized success rate in the U.S. Being the only company that is owned and operated by a registered nurse The Lice Place follows specific guidelines to protect its clients from any potential harm. We offer discreet treatment and private treatment rooms to maintain our customers’ privacy.

Our clinical lice treatment employs the safest method of lice removal. We use professional combing, manual removal and use safe TLP products. Our products are formulated with natural ingredients, like peppermint, mint and Neem oil. Using them on a regular basis will provide your hair with complete defense from future lice infestations. All our products are pesticide free and offer safe solutions for lice removal. Available at affordable prices, these products can easily be ordered online.

The Lice Place is a well-known name in the lice removal industry. We offer professional head checks both before and after treatment. Our treatment comes with 30 day guarantee and a free follow up program. Our experts also offer professional counseling and guidance on lice prevention methods. Follow our advice, use our clinical treatment and lice treatment products regularly and stay free of lice and nits for years.

Call us today to get your appointment scheduled. No other company in Texas offers such affordable and effective services and products as we do. We have a proven record of treating thousands of individuals and families of lice with just one-time treatment application. Call us at 713-667-5423 if you have any questions about any of our Conroe Lice Treatment Products.

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