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Dallas Lice Removal-Treatment Services

Dallas Lice Removal & Treatment The Lice Place provides immediate & effective lice removal services throughout the greater Dallas area. We offer lice removal in 1 treatment, guaranteed!  Our lice treatment clinic in Dallas will provide safe (organic) and effective treatment (guaranteed removal), with same day service!

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Dallas Lice Removal

Lice removal is not an easy process. Parents try nitpicking themselves, experimenting with every different product available on the market. But, you should never forget that only a pesticide-free, no-toxic treatment can offer the most effective and safest cure to the problem. Contact The Lice Place right away to help get your child and family lice free in a safe way.

Dallas Lice Treatment

Before beginning with the treatment process, it is important to diagnose the problem accurately. Be sure on the existence and severity of the infestation by using our head check services. This will save you time and money, and will help us in providing you with an effective treatment.

Dallas Lice Removal Products

The Lice Place not only helps in lice removal but also offers guidance on preventive care to safeguard your family from lice. Use our non-toxic, safe lice removal products that help defend your hair from future lice infestation. Our products are easy-to-order and are available at affordable prices.

Dallas Lice Treatment Products

We also offer free post-treatment follow ups. Don’t forget that there is no preventive treatment for head lice. But there are ways to protect your hair from future lice infestations. We have developed several lice treatment products to help you take good care of your hair. Order these products today to stay lice and nits free this season.

Dallas Lice Removal & Lice Treatment Clinic

The Lice Place is the only lice treatment clinic in Dallas and the nearby areas that is owned and run by a registered nurse. We are extensively experienced in removing head lice and follow the specific guidelines to protect our clients from any potential harm.

Dallas Quality Lice Removal & Treatment Clinic

If you are in need of a Dallas Quality Lice Removal and Treatment Clinic, contact us today to schedule an appointment at The Lice Place.

The Lice Place

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