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Dallas Lice Removal

Lice removal can be difficult and time-consuming if you try it on your own. An experienced lice removal company can save you time and unnecessary hassle while providing proper guidance on preventive care.  The Lice Place is the most experience service provider in Dallas, Texas area.  We offer affordable and the most effective Dallas Lice Removal services with a 30-day guarantee.

Lice Removal in Dallas

The Lice Place is the only lice-removal franchise in the U.S. that is owned and operated by a registered nurse. With the highest publicized success rate of any lice removal service in the country, we are the most trusted in the area. When it comes to getting head lice treatment, always select a company that offers cure in a safe and gentle way. The Lice Place always provides a pesticide free, non-toxic treatment to its patients. We help rid your family of the embarrassing lice infestation with a simple method of effective combing and manual removal.

Being the most experienced in the industry, our experts are highly knowledgeable in understanding the severity of the problem and providing treatment based on clinical diagnosis. We also offer head checks for individuals and families to confirm lice infestation. In addition, you will also get free post treatment head checks for 3 months and helpful guidance on preventive measures. We have also developed various non-toxic products to safeguard your family from lice. These products are available at affordable prices and can easily be ordered online.

The Lice Place also respects your needs of discretion and offers private treatment rooms with no extra charges.  We provide personalized and convenient services to all our clients. We have successfully treated thousands of families throughout Texas and now are expanding outside of the state.  We have earned the title of being the area’s most reputable lice removal specialists through our up-front services and professional standards.

Call us today to receive our Dallas Lice Removal services that will save you time, money and unnecessary hassle. We guarantee a full lice removal in a single visit.

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