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Dallas Lice Treatment

If you are looking for Dallas Lice Treatment services, you have reached the right place. The Lice Place is the most reputable company in Dallas. We have many years of experience in removing head lice. We offer head checks (before and after the treatment), guidance in preventive measures, and a range of nit and head lice removal services. In addition, we also offer a variety of lice removal products that are formulated using natural ingredients and oils, like peppermint and neem oil. You can easily receive our products and services at affordable prices. We are here to help keep your family free of lice today and in the future.

The treatment you will get at The Lice Place is 100% natural and safe. It is a pesticide free, non-toxic lice removal method that guarantees to eradicate the lice infestation completely. If your child has started missing school due to head lice, call The Lice Place right away. Our experts have years of experience in providing effective treatment to thousands of families in Dallas. We provide lice removal treatment only after conducting a thorough diagnosis. Our head check services are available for individuals as well as families.

The Lice Place is the leading lice removal specialist in Texas. Along with providing head lice treatment and prevention help, we also offer educational programs to physician offices, PTO’s and schools. We pride ourselves in educating communities and providing families with updated head lice information. Being a member of National Association for Professional Head Lice Removal Technicians (NALTP), The Lice Place always works with integrity and is held to the highest code of ethics.

The Lice Place is not a new name in the industry. For years, we have been helping families getting rid of the burden of lice and nits. Receiving our Dallas Lice Treatment services is the most natural, effective, and quick way to get lice free. Call us today to get your appointment scheduled and help your child enjoy their day with no scratching and no itching.

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