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YIKES! My child has been sent home from school with lice. What should I do?

First things first, don’t panic. While you may have the urge to pick every nit ASAP, take a deep breath and relax. By the time your child shows symptoms of lice, they’ve likely been infested for a few weeks. Give us a call and schedule a head check, and we’ll go from there.

Why do I need to schedule a head check? The nurse/doctor diagnosed my child with lice.

Head lice are very commonly misdiagnosed. Nearly half of the clients we see think they have lice – but don’t! Nits are easily confused with things like dandruff, dirt or even drops of hairspray. Our experts are trained to spot the difference. And, a head check may save you money in the long run in the instance that lice are not present!

What about the prescription drugs used to treat lice? Isn’t that the best method?

Here at The Lice Place, we respectfully disagree! Most prescription and over-the-counter treatments are made using toxic pesticides that we believe are too harsh to use on a child’s head. We prefer to use all-natural, non-toxic solutions that are just as effective, without the risky side effects.

How does treatment work?

At The Lice Place, we value your privacy. That’s why we treat ALL clients in a private treatment room at no extra charge. Using The Warner Method – a safe, non-toxic, pesticide-free method of combing and manual removal, we pick every nit and remove each louse. Our treatments are backed by a 30-day guarantee. We also provide advice and guidance to safeguard the rest of your family from recurring cases.

How soon after finding head lice should I seek treatment?

As soon as possible. But don’t go into panic mode. We understand head lice can be unsettling, but they pose no immediate health risk.

Why don’t you go in-home?

Great question! At The Lice Place, we pride ourselves in getting the job done right, the first time. That means using special equipment, tools, and lighting. Our treatment rooms are equipped with everything our technicians need to safely and effectively treat your child, so you can both go home lice-free and with peace of mind.

But don’t I need to clean my house to get rid of all the lice? I’ve heard that I should clean carpets, drapes and take toys away for at least a week.

Head lice are transferred by head-to-head contact. Lice can’t survive for long once they’ve separated from their human host. There’s no need to take toys away from children who are already having a tough time with lice. If vacuuming carpets and washing your linens will give you peace of mind, go for it! But it’s definitely not necessary as the life cycle of lice once they are off of humans is 24 hours or less.

Are head lice a health concern for my children?

Head lice pose no immediate health risk and are not known to spread disease. However, they can be uncomfortable because they cause itching and can keep kids awake at night with scratching fits.

We think my child got lice from one of her classmates. What steps do I need to take to ensure the school is aware and that she doesn’t get it again after treatment?

Our goal is to keep your child lice-free today and in the future. We are proud to offer a 30-day guarantee at The Lice Place. If for any reason your child exhibits symptoms of another infestation within 30 days of their treatment, bring them back for a free head check. We also offer deterrent products so you can minimize the risk of a recurring infestation. Ask about our mint spray and shampoo!

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