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Fort Worth Lice Removal

Head lice spread through head to head contact or by contact with infected personal belongings, like combs, brushes, caps, headphones, hair accessories etc. When your child gets lice infestation, you should receive professional Fort Worth Lice Removal services to get rid of the problem immediately. The Lice Place is an NALPT certified head lice treatment service provider. Our trained professionals have years of quality experience in providing effective help to prevent and control the spread of head lice.

At The Lice Place, you will get complete care and support so that you can keep your family lice free today and in the years to come. We offer the safest treatment and products at affordable prices. Receive our services to get immediate relief from the problem. These pesticide-free, non-toxic treatment methods and products will never harm you.

The Lice Place is a lice removal company that is owned and operated by a registered nurse. We are the only service provider of its kind in the U.S. With our years of combined experience and the highest publicized success rate in the country, we are the area’s most trusted lice removal franchise. We have treated countless numbers of families and individuals with a one-time treatment application. Apart from our in-clinic services, we also provide lice removal and lice treatment products to help you prevent future infestations.

Contact our professionals today to get your appointment scheduled. At The Lice Place, we begin the treatment procedure only after diagnosing the existence and severity of the problem. Our trained technicians will conduct thorough head checks both before and after the treatment. You can receive these head checks for all the family members so that the problem can be eliminated completely from the family. Our experts will also provide you with helpful guidance and advice on preventive care.

The Lice Place takes complete care of its clients’ privacy and discretion. We have private treatment rooms for all families that come to receive our Fort Worth Lice Removal services. Visit us today to benefit from our extensive experience in the industry.

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