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Fort Worth Lice Treatment Products

The Lice Place is an all in one lice removal company. Along with providing safe and natural treatment for head lice, we also offer a number of Fort Worth Lice Treatment Products. These products include lice removal combs, brushes, shampoo, conditioner and mousse. All our products are developed with natural ingredients and oils. They contain no harsh chemicals and help make your hair healthy along with preventing future life infestation.

There are several other companies in the industry that offer their lice treatment products and services. But you should trust only a reputable service provider. The Lice Place has earned the title of being the most reputable lice removal company throughout Texas. We are an NALTP certified member and adhere to the highest levels of professional standards and practices. At The Lice Place, you will always get fair treatment and professional help to keep your family free of lice for years to come.

The products and the treatment we offer here are completely non-toxic and pesticide free. You need just a one-time treatment to get the head clear of lice and nits. After getting the in-clinic treatment, if you use our lice treatment products on a regular basis, you will never get an infestation in future. These products are specifically created to offer you a natural safeguard from lice infection and their symptoms. They can be used by everyone, even children or adults that have a sensitive scalp.

If you are looking for affordable lice treatment products, The Lice Place is the place to call. Our products can easily be ordered online. We create our shampoo, conditioner, spray and mouse with peppermint, mint and Neem oil. These ingredients and oils have been proved to be natural lice repellants and so effectively help defend your hair from future lice infestation.

Call us at 972-380-1900 if you have any questions about any of our Fort Worth Lice Treatment Products. The Lice Place is the leading service provider in the area. Countless numbers of families and individuals have received our services over the years. With our highest publicized success rate in the country, we are the most trusted lice removal franchise.

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