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Frisco Lice Removal ProductsHow many times have you had one of your children come home to tell you that their head itches, or that they have had someone tell them that they have lice? Unfortunately, this is a situation that most parents will be faced with at one point or another. If you have children who are in public schools, private schools, camps, or just about any other area where they are playing with other children, they could end up with lice. This never means that you have done anything wrong, or that your family is not clean. Head lice is just something very contagious that nobody is exempt from.

The Lice Place For Frisco Lice Removal Products

Once you were informed that one or more of your children had lice, did you run right out to the local drug store to try and find the best kit to help you get rid of the problem? The issue with many of these lice removal products is that they are comprised of harsh chemicals and all sorts of toxins. As a parent, you want to try to keep your kids away from as many toxic substances as possible. The Lice Place is your number one answer for quality treatment products that are not only safe to use, but they are also non-toxic, fast acting and completely effective.

Guaranteed Efficient

Not only do we stand by all of the Frisco lice removal products that we offer, but we also are confident enough to guarantee our work. We have a complete line of easy to use, non-toxic products that are going to give you solid results to rid your home and family of lice once and for all. We even offer a travel kit that you can bring along with you to keep your family lice free, even when you are on the go.

There are certain elements that the louse just does not like. Our products are loaded with non-toxic elements such as mint, essential oils and Neem oil. Neem oil is a wonderful, all natural insect repellent that comes from the Neem treel, just right for helping to stop a current lice outbreak, or to keep a future one from happening.

The Lice Place is the only lice removal service that is both owned and operated by a registered nurse. Great care is taken to work with each and every family that contacts us and we will arm you with all of the knowledge and products necessary to quickly and efficiently get rid of lice in your home. There are never any gimmicks, no pesticides and no need to panic. Even though you may be frustrated with a lice diagnosis, you should know that our services are tried and true, as we have been helping customers for 10 years with quality results. All of our treatments and Frisco lice removal products are covered by a no hassle 30 day guarantee, so contact us today for your free initial consultation. Contact us to make an appointment today!

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