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Hermitage, TN Lice Treatment and Removal Services

Lice Removal in Hermitage

Look no further than The Lice Place for any and all needs for lice removal in Hermitage and all of the surrounding areas. We have been in business for many years and are experts on how to remove lice and their eggs, and keep them away.

Lice Treatment in Hermitage

It is never easy for a parent when a child encounters a problem, or becomes ill. Often, a call home from a child’s school can be a real day-ruiner. It is absolutely a relief when the news is nothing serious, but when the problem is lice infestation, there is still some cause for concern.

Lice Removal Products in Hermitage

Place take care of any and all lice removal needs with their expansive line of lice removal products in Hermitage and the surrounding areas. In business for many years, we are experts at removing lice and their eggs.

Lice Treatment Products in Hermitage

Getting a phone call from a child’s school is never easy. When the problem is a lice infestation, it may be a relief that it is not a more serious problem, but it still requires immediate attention.

Lice Removal & Lice Treatment Clinic in Hermitage

We have a lice removal & lice treatment clinic in Hermitage that can help our clients completely remove lice after just one treatment.

The Lice Place

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