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Irving Lice Removal Products

The Lice Place is an all in one lice removal franchise in Texas. We not only offer in-clinic treatment for lice removal but have also developed several Irving Lice Removal Products that you can use at home. These products include lice removal combs, brushes, mousse, spray, conditioner and shampoo. Formulated using natural ingredients like, peppermint, mint and Neem oil, our lice treatment products offer the safest way to stay free of lice for years. All our products are available at affordable prices and can easily be ordered online.

The Lice Place is a known name in Irving and the nearby areas. We have years of experience in the industry and the highest publicized success rate throughout the country. Over the years, we have treated thousands of families that have got rid of embarrassing lice infestation with just one-time treatment. Our treatment method employs effective combing and manual removal with the use of our non-toxic, pesticide free lice removal products. The treatment you will get at The Lice Place is backed by a 30-day guarantee and fee post-treatment head checks for 3 months. We offer complete lice and nit removal and never leave the end job to the parents.

Being the most reputable company in the area, The Lice Place offers personalized care and convenient services to all of their clients. We understand and respect your need of discretion and offer private treatment rooms to all families that come for their treatment. With our up-front services and highest professional standards, we offer specialized help to keep your family free of lice today and in the future.

Call The Lice Place today to benefit from our effective and safe products and services. Our Irving Lice Removal Products offer the best defense for your hair from future lice infestation. They are non-toxic, pesticide free and contain no harsh chemicals. Use our shampoo, and conditioner at a regular basis to get healthy, shiny and lice free hair.  You can call us to find out more about our products. We guarantee full lice removal and protection at affordable prices.

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