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Although head lice don’t fly or jump, they can crawl quickly through hair. Anyone can get head lice at any age. Lice make their home in human hair and feed on human blood. An adult louse can live up to 3 to 5 weeks. Clearing the head of lice and nits is vital to get relief from constant itching, red bite marks and scratching sores that can become infected. However, it is not easy to win the battle against lice due to high re-infestation rate. But you don’t need to worry as The Lice Place is available to help. We are the best Irving Lice Removal company to provide effective lice treatment in just one session.

The Lice Place is not a new name in the industry. We have treated countless numbers of children and adults and have helped numerous families be free of lice. Our professional lice removal teams have many years of combined experience in the industry. The Lice Place not only provides clinical treatment but also educate parents and communities on head lice identification, removal and prevention of future infestation.

We are not just another lice removal company in the area. We are the only franchise in the U.S. that is owned and operated by a registered nurse. Also, being an NALTP certified member, we take pride in providing our clients with quality and honest services. We are held by the highest level of professional standards and offer our services with complete integrity. Lice removal is a sensitive issue. Never trust a company that is new or inexperienced in the profession. Trust only the experts at The Lice Place, who have extensive experience in removing head lice using non-toxic, pesticide-free treatment methods.

Call The Lice Place today at (972)380-1900 to get your appointment scheduled. Our Irving Lice Removal services are available at affordable prices and come with 30-day guarantee. We also offer private treatment rooms, free of cost counseling and follow-up programs and the peace of mind you get here is simply priceless. This indeed makes the best deal for lice treatment.

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