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Irving Lice Treatment

Looking for effective lice treatment services in Irving? Call The Lice Place right away to eradicate the problem of head lice from your family. When your child becomes infested with head lice, you need help from a professional lice treatment clinic that offers safe, quick and effective solution to the problem. At The Lice Place, we strive to provide families with the safest and the fastest Irving Lice Treatment services so that your children can enjoy every day of their life without any itching or scratching.

Our treatment comes with 30-day guarantee and a free of cost follow up program. Our specialists will provide you with free professional counseling and head checks both before and after the treatment and will educate you on preventive measures. You can keep your family free of lice easily by just receiving our expert advice and services. We have also developed several products that offer complete safeguard from future lice infestation. These products are created with natural ingredients, like peppermint, mint and Neem oil that are known to be natural lice repellants.

The Lice Place is a customer oriented company. We take good care of each of our clients and work hard to provide their needs perfectly. With us, you will get discreet treatment. Every family that comes to our clinics gets their own private treatment room without any extra charges. You will also get free diagnosis before the treatment. We begin our treatment procedure only after confirming the existence and severity of the infestation because if the child is misdiagnosed, the treatment could be a waste of your precious time and money.

The Lice Place is a well-established company in the state of Texas and now we are expanding outside of the state. Our ultimate goal is to break the lice infestation cycle through safe, non-toxic treatment method and by making the communities informed on the lice identification and prevention. You can also benefit from our professional services by receiving our Irving Lice Treatment. Call us today to get your appointment scheduled. All our services and products are available at affordable prices.

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