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Katy Lice Removal

If you and your family are suffering with a lice infestation, call The Lice Place at 281-578-5423, your Katy Lice Removal clinic. Our facilities are the only ones in the United States owned and operated by a registered nurse who has seen firsthand how frustrating the situation can seem.

At your appointment, an experienced professional will examine the heads of everyone in the household in one of our private treatment rooms. We offer this personalized service at no extra charge because we believe your privacy is important. Even if you have had a head check by a school nurse previously, it’s important to determine that lice and nits (eggs) are actually present. Oftentimes, there are no lice at all. Instead there is dandruff, hairspray residue or dirt.

If lice and nits are present we will patiently and carefully remove lice and nits with our special, patented lice removal comb. We also offer non-toxic, all-natural shampoo, conditioner, mousse and preventive mint spray. These products may be purchased online or in any of our salons as well. Treatment time depends on several factors, including: number of family members being treated, severity of infestation and number of boys and girls. On average, lice treatment for boys takes from 15-30 minutes and for girls, 45 minutes to one and one half hours.

We will offer counseling and guidance about preventing an influx of lice in the future. Trust the specialists at The Lice Place to help remove nits and lice quickly and prevent them from returning.

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