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Katy Lice Treatment

The Lice Place is your location for Katy Lice Treatment. If you suspect that one of your children has lice, contact us at 281-578-5423 for a free initial phone consultation. Let our expert staff take care of this problem for you hassle free. We are the only lice removal company owned and operated by a registered nurse in the United States. In addition, our services completed in salon include a free 30-day guarantee and free head checks for three months after initial treatment.

At your appointment your child’s head will be examined in a private treatment room because we know you value your privacy. Many times dandruff, dirt and hairspray residue are diagnosed incorrectly as a lice infestation. If lice and nits (eggs) are present, we recommend checking the entire family.

Katy Lice Treatment at The Lice Place involves using The Warner Method, where vigilant yet gentle combing and manual removal of lice take place. Depending on the sex of the child (girls usually take longer) and how many family members are being treated, this could take from 15 minutes to an hour and a half or more per person. We utilize our patented lice removal comb that is yours to keep after treatment. In addition, we created a comprehensive line of pesticide-free, all-natural hair care products that lice find distasteful. Our shampoo, conditioner, mousse and mint spray are available for purchase.

Our treatment program includes education, advice and guidance from our lice removal technicians in keeping those nasty lice at bay. Trust your child’s head to us!

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