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Lice Removal in Hermitage

An unexpected call from a child’s school can really turn a parent’s day topsy-turvy. It is always a relief to hear that it is nothing too serious, but a lice infestation can still be a mild emergency. While not life-threatening, lice demands immediate attention before other members of the family and public are exposed. A parent may not immediately know where to turn for treatment, however. While mildly serious, lice doesn’t warrant an emergency room visit – so what is a parent to do? Look no further than The Lice Place for any and all needs for lice removal in Hermitage and all of the surrounding areas. We have been in business for many years and are experts on how to remove lice and their eggs, and keep them away.

Lice Removal in Hermitage

We sell a myriad of different products to remove lice and their eggs, and they are for sale both in our online shop and in all of our treatment centers. Products like shampoos, conditioners, mousses, and combs keep lice away permanently. It may be a good idea to confer with a member of our staff before purchase, however, as some products are better for different levels of infestation. We also sell complete lice removal kits and mint scented lice repellent sprays. All of our products are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and are safe for use on or near pets, kids, and adults. Because our products really work, all of them are backed by a complete 100 percent guarantee.

Our services are also backed by that same guarantee – for hose uncomfortable administering lice treatment at home, we do offer services by professional technicians at all of our treatment centers. Our staff can remove lice discreetly and quickly.

For more information about lice removal in Hermitage, or to book an appointment, please call The Lice Place at (615)656-1646 to speak with a member of our staff.

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