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Lice Removal in Nashville

No parent wants to get that dreaded call from a school, asking them to come pick up their child. While parents can be thrilled that it is not a serious emergency, a lice infestation still requires some immediate action and treatment. Let The Lice Place provide instant relief and treatment of any type of lice infestation, for children and adults. When it comes to lice removal in Nashville, The Lice Place is the best at what we do.

Lice Removal in Nashville

In addition to products, we offer a pre-treatment and a post-treatment consultation to first see how bad the problem is, and to check to make sure lice removal is 100 percent. Some children do not have an infestation at all, and may only have a person in their class with the problem. However, this still requires preventive measures.

All of our products are completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly, safe for kids, pets, and adults. We sell different types of shampoos, conditioners, mousses, and other products to help remove lice, and keep them away.

While our products can be purchased in the store, many families opt to have a professional treatment at one of our locations. Staffed by completely professional technicians, a one-time treatment application gets rid of the lice problem so that your child can safely go back to school. We offer private treatment rooms at our facility, and our entire staff and process is 100 percent discreet.

To learn more about lice removal in Nashville, or to find out about The Lice Place, give us a call at (615)656-1646 to speak with a professional member of our staff, or to schedule an appointment for our child.

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