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Lice Removal & Lice Treatment Clinic In Littlefield

Lice Removal & Lice Treatment Clinic In Littlefield

Having to deal with head lice going through your household is not something that any parent wants to face. However, head lice are something that can creep up on you when you least expect it, which makes it more important than ever that you have the best lice removal & lice treatment clinic in Littlefield that you can turn to. The Lice Place holds all of the answers that you are looking for when you have questions about how to safely and effectively treat any members of your household with head lice.

As a customer of ours, you will have all of the lice treatment and removal options that you need to choose from to get the best possible result for your family. All of our trained technicians make it easy for you to get the head lice eradication executed properly sot hat you can get back to life as normal. Not only do we offer trained professionals that will come out to your home for removal and treatment, but we also have lice treatment clinics where you can go to get a proper diagnosis followed by safe and effective removal.

When it comes to pricing, we offer our customers convenient billing by the hour in 15-minute increments and we use all of our very own products made from non-toxic and environmentally-friendly ingredients. Our shampoo, conditioner, mousse, and specialty combs work like a charm to ensure you are free from the burden of pesky head lice.

The Lice Place is your answer when you need the best lice removal & lice treatment clinic in Littlefield. Call us at (806)792-LICE (5423) for information. We understand that no two families are alike and you are as busy as ever. Our staff will work hard to be sure that you are able to enjoy efficient head lice removal followed by head checks to keep you and your family completely pest free.

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