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Lice Removal & Lice Treatment Clinic in Murfreesboro

When a child has a lice outbreak, a parent wants to get the best and fastest help as soon as possible. It can be awfully tough to receive a call from a child’s school demanding immediate pickup because of a lice infestation. Parents may not know where to turn to get treatment, or even buy products. Look no further than The Lice Place, which is the best lice removal & lice treatment clinic in Murfreesboro and the surrounding areas. In business for many years, we are experts at what we do, and want to get our families and clients back to normal lives, without lice, as soon as possible.

Lice Removal & Lice Treatment Clinic in Murfreesboro

We sell a range of many different products, both in-store and via our website. Products such as shampoos, conditioners, mousses, and combs are extremely effective in removing lice. We also sell a mint lice repellent as well, to keep lice away after a treatment. In addition to single products, we also have kits for sale. It may be a good idea to confer with a member of our staff prior to purchase, just to ensure that the correct product is purchased for the type of infestation.

All of our products are safe and non-toxic, as well as environmentally friendly. All of our products can be used near or on kids, pets, and adults.

For those who do not want to administer treatment at home, any one of our treatment clinics can quickly and efficiently remove lice so that they do not returned. Staffed by professionally trained technicians, our lice treatment centers get the job done when you need it the most.

To learn more about our lice removal & lice treatment clinic in Murfreesboro, give The Lice Place a call at (615)656-1646 to schedule a consultation, or to speak with a member of our staff.

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