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Lice Removal Products in Columbia

When a child has lice, it is a situation that needs immediate action. Often, parents are informed via a phone call from the child’s school, and they may not know where to go for treatment after picking their child up. Where does one buy lice removal products in Columbia? Look no further than The Lice Place for any and all lice treatment needs. We offer two very discreet and simple ways to completely eradicate the lice problem. We have been in business for many years, and are experts in the field of lice removal.

Lice Removal Products in Columbia

Many parents want to administer treatment quietly and privately at home. For this reasons, we sell our lice removal products both in our physical locations as well as our Web store. We sell items such as shampoos, conditioners, mousses, and combs to completely get rid of lice. We also sell complete lice removal kits and mint lice repellent spray. It may be a good idea to confer with a member of our staff prior to purchase, just to make sure that the right product is purchased for the level of infestation. All of our products are safe and non-toxic, and cleared for use on or near pets, kids, and adults. Everything we sell is backed by a 100 percent guarantee.

Some parents do not want to administer lice treatment at home, and would like a professional to do it. We offer lice treatment in all of our locations, done quietly and discreetly on our premises. We are staffed by trained professionals, and our services are backed by our 100 percent guarantee as well.

For more information about lice removal products in Columbia, stop by or call The Lice Place at (615)656-1646. We promise complete removal after just one treatment.

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