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Lice Removal Services In Littlefield

Lice Removal Services In Littlefield

For some parents, getting a call that their child has lice is something that nightmares are made of. With our busy lifestyles and always having our calendars full with school events, playdates, appointments and more, it can be difficult to think about going through the process of combing, picking, cleaning, and removing the lice and nits from the home. This is where The Lice Place can come in to help with professional lice removal services in Littlefield to make your life a whole lot easier.

Started by a registered nurse, The Lice Place is a lice-removal practice that has been helping families with safe and effective care since 2006. Even with the traditional products that are available today, it can be difficult to eliminate lice from the scalp, pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals. If just one nit (egg) is missed, it can start the cycle all over again. The Lice Place was founded on making sure that parents had a better solution for head lice removal and a range of non-toxic treatments to go along with it.

Instead of using harsh chemicals on your child’s head or anyone else in your household, The Lice Place offers environmentally friendly shampoos and conditioners, mousses, and sprays for the home that help to get rid of lice once and for all. For your convenience, you have the option of having a consultant come to your home to assist with the removal process, you can come into one of our lice treatment locations, or you can simply order our proven products to use on your own. No matter what, you will be in for professional care and effective removal to take the stress away.

When you are in need of professional lice removal services in Littlefield, call us at The Lice Place. We can be reached at (806)792-LICE (5423) for information and we look forward to helping you with your lice removal needs.

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