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Our Pricing

  • $17.50
    plus the cost of the comb

    Head Check

    (Cost of the head check is waived if positive, and only the cost of treatment applies.)
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  • $19.95

    Terminator Comb

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  • $169

    Hair Length Below The Earlobe

    (flat rate for hair length below the ears.)

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  • $99

    Hair Length Above The Earlobe

    (flat rate for hair length above the ears)

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  • Flat rate pricing includes:

    *Our 30-day guarantee (all household members except for males 14 or older must be checked)
    *A follow up visit in 2-7 days at no charge
    *30 days of free head checks

Our treatments are safe, non-toxic, effective and affordable! When compared to other services, our one-time treatment and 30-day guarantee make The Lice Place the best option for treatment. And the peace of mind we offer is simply priceless.

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