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Lice Removal & Treatment Pricing For Huntsville

  • $12.50

    Head Check

    (Cost of the head check is waived if positive, and only the cost of treatment applies.)
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  • $24.95

    Terminator Comb

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  • $99/hr

    Girl Treatment

    Treatment is billed at $99 per hour, with an average girl treatment ranging between 45 minutes – 1.5 hours.

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  • $99/hr

    Boy Treatment

    Treatment is billed at $99 per hour,  An average boy treatment generally takes between 15-45 min.

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  • Treatment fees in all locations include:

    *Our 30-day guarantee (as long as all members of the household are checked and treated if needed)

    *A follow up visit in 2-7 days at no charge

    *90 days of free head checks

Our treatments are safe, non-toxic, effective and affordable! When compared to other lice removal services, our one-time treatment and 30-day guarantee make The Lice Place the best option for treatment. And the peace of mind we offer is simply priceless.

Get the REAL Facts on the Cost of Head Lice Removal!

We break down the costs, risks, side effects, and overall effectiveness of over-the-counter products/prescription treatments, and hot air machines and compare them to The Lice Place.

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