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Lice Removal Treatment Products & Services in Clanton

Few things can pull a family out of its routine faster than a lice outbreak. But The Lice Place can provide Lice Removal Treatment Products & Services in Clanton and get your routine back to normal. Before students can return to school, lice must be completely gone. But over-the-counter remedies are no sure cure.

The result is that parents often struggle to control the infestation while time at work and school is lost. Routines break down and frustrations grow. But The Lice Place can prevent all that. We are the only lice removal franchise anywhere in the country that is operated by a registered nurse. Our treatment has the best published success rate in America at 99.6 percent, which virtually assures that we can eliminate a lice infestation and get you back to work and school quickly.

The staff at The Lice Place had decades of experience, using techniques that are both safe and effective. We use the Warned Method, which was created by The Lice Place founder Penny Warner and combines combing with manual removal. We offer this treatment in private rooms and finish it on the premises. We never send parents home to finish the job. And we guarantee all treatments for adults and children for a full 30 days.

We are also help parents by answering questions, offering straightforward answers without stress or concern.

So if you are ready for professional Lice Removal Treatment Products & Services in Clanton, call The Lice Place at (205) 424-5165 today and let us help you get back into your routine.

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