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Lice Removal Treatment Products & Services in Gardendale

Anyone who has had an encounter with head lice knows how frustrating it can be. Over-the-counter remedies rarely work the first time, meaning time is lost from both work and school trying to control the infestation. But a professional can do the job right the first time, and if you want Lice Removal Treatment Products & Services in Gardendale, call The Lice Place.

Our staff has many years of combined experience treating head lice and nits and we can provide safe and effective treatment that ends the problem. Our success rate using the Warner Method of treatment, which combines manual removal and combing, is 99.6 percent—the highest published rate in America.

Indeed, we are the only franchise in the country that is operated by a registered nurse. Founder Penny Warner, a mother whose interest in lice began when her own children were confronted with the problem years ago, has spent 18 years in nursing.

We are so certain we can eliminate an infestation that we guarantee all treatments for 30 days.

All treatments at The Lice Place take place in private rooms, and none use toxic chemicals and pesticides. We also finish the treatments that we start. We never ask mom and dad to complete treatments at home in order to eradicate an infestation.

We are also more than happy to educate you about lice and nits, and we’ll answer any questions you have with straight information, not fear-based chatter. So if you are ready for a professional solution, call The Lice Place for Lice Removal Treatment Products & Services in Gardendale at (205) 424-5165 today and eliminate both the lice and the frustrations.

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