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Lice Removal Treatment Products & Services in Pelham

Few things can drain your time like a lice infestation. But The Lice Place can offer Lice Removal Treatment Products & Services in Pelham that can put you back in control.

Working parents who have been forced to deal with a lice infestation know how time consuming it can be. Children must be free of lice in order to return to school and after-care programs, and over-the-counter remedies are no sure thing. When they fail, it costs you time. And it can ramp up your stress.

The Lice Place can ease all of that, providing treatment that is 99.6 percent effective—the highest published success rate of any lice-removal franchise. We are also the only facility that was started by a registered nurse; founder Penny Warner has extensive experience and her staff has decades of time addressing head lice.

The Lice Place uses the Warner Method, stopping infestation with combing and manual removal rather than pesticides and chemicals. We treat adult and pediatric patients in private treatment rooms and we finish the task at our facility, rather than asking parents to handle treatments at home.

We are also eager to help you get educated about lice, answering questions with straightforward information and avoiding the hype that often comes with a lice outbreak.

We are so confident in our work that we offer a 30-day guarantee on our treatments. So if you need Lice Removal Treatment Products & Services in Pelham, call The Lice Place at (205) 424-5165 today. We’ll eliminate the lice quickly and let you get back to work.

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