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Lice Removal Treatment Products & Services in Trussville

Do you need Lice Removal Treatment Products & Services in Trussville? If so, call The Lice Place, the only lice removal franchise in the nation managed by a registered nurse.

Penny Warner, the founder of The Lice Place, spent more than 18 years in nursing. Together, her staff has years of experience removing head lice and nits. We use the Warner Method, a safe and effective technique that eradicates line through combing and manual removal, and all adults and children are treated in private rooms. We never use chemicals or pesticides.

Our success rate is 99.6 percent—the highest publicized rate in the country—and we have so much confidence in our techniques that we stand behind every treatment with a 30-day guarantee. We keep you up to date with information about lice treatments. And, we finish every job we start, rather than asking parents to continue treatments at home.

Working parents dealing with a lice infestation have enough to think about. Not only do they have to remove the lice, but they have to address child care, too. Children must be free of lice in order to return to school and after-care programs. If over-the-counter remedies fall short, as they often do, the problem can drag on—more time off work, more lost school and more frustration.

But The Lice Place can put professional expertise on your side, eliminating the problem fast. If you need Lice Removal Treatment Products & Services in Trussville, call The Lice Place at (205) 424-5165 today. We’ll help you end the problem.

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