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Lice Treatment Products in Mount Juliet

It is never easy to hear from another person that your child needs medical attention or is sick. In fact, getting a phone call from a child’s school can be downright scary. It can be a relief to learn that it isn’t something serious, however problems such as lice infestation still demand immediate attention. Parents may not know who to ask or even where to look for lice treatment products in Mount Juliet. They may be embarrassed to ask their friends or family. Look no further than The Lice Place for lice treatment needs. We have been in business for many years, and are experts in the field of lice removal. We promise complete lice removal after only one treatment.

Lice Treatment Products in Mount Juliet

We sell many different types of products, both in our Web store and in all of our physical locations. Products such as shampoos, conditioners, mousses, and combs get rid of lice on the first try and prevent them from coming back. We also sell mint scented repellent spray and complete lice removal kits. We do recommend speaking with a member of our staff prior to purchase, however. Many of the products we sell are meant for different levels of infestation.

Everything we sell is non-toxic and safe for use on or near kids, pets, and adults. All of our products and services are also backed by our 100 percent guarantee.

For those who are wary to administer treatment at home, we do offer treatment in all of our locations. Let an experienced professional do the job, and quickly and discreetly remove the lice.

For more information about lice treatment products in Mount Juliet, or to find out more about The Lice Place, call us at (615)656-1646 to speak with a member of our staff.

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