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Lice Treatment Products in Nashville

No one ever wants to get that dreaded phone call from a child’s school to tell the parents that the child has lice. The good side of things is, it is not a serious emergency. However, lice still requires immediate treatment for removal, before it spreads. The Lice Place has many different types of lice treatment products in Nashville, so that parents can easily eradicate the lice problem and go back to living normal lives. With a 100 percent guarantee, The Lice Place is the best choice when it comes to lice removal in Tennessee.

Lice Treatment Products in Nashville

Every lice infestation is different, and we have many types of different products to suit different needs. We offer flea combs, shampoos, conditioners, and even lice-repelling mint spray to ensure that lice stay gone after treatment. All of our products are completely safe and non-toxic, safe to be around kids, pets, and adults. In addition, every product we use is also environmentally-friendly. Our lice removal products are available both online and in our local stores, however it may be a good idea to consult one of our associates to determine which lice product is best for the problem. It should only take one application of product to remove lice forever.

For those who are uncomfortable administering treatment in their own homes, we do offer lice treatment at all of our The Lice Place centers. Staffed by professional, experienced technicians, our staff will apply product to completely remove lice. Safe and private, coming into our salon is quick and effective.

To learn more about lice treatment products in Nashville, give The Lice Place a call at (615)656-1646 to either talk to a technician or to book an appointment. We want to keep all of our clients and families lice-free.

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