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Plano Lice Removal Products

Looking for Plano Lice Removal Products? You are at the right place. The Lice Place is your Plano lice removal specialist. We have years of combined experience in making countless numbers of individuals and families free of lice and nits. With our highest publicized success rate throughout the country, we are the most reputable lice removal franchise in Texas. Call us today to get your appointment scheduled and benefit from our extensive experience and safe treatment procedures.

At The Lice Place, you will also get several lice removal products that you can order online. Available at affordable prices, our TLP shampoo, conditioner, mint spray and mousse offer effective and natural defense against head lice and nits problems. After getting our one-time in-clinic treatment when you use these products on a regular basis, you and your family will never face the problem of future lice infestations. Thousands of people have used our products and treatments and have become clear of lice completely.

All these products are created with natural oils and ingredients, including Neem oil, and peppermint. These ingredients have been proved to be natural lice repellants. Along with providing natural safeguard from future lice infestation, our products will also help make your hair shiny and healthy. As they contain no harmful chemicals or pesticides, they offer a gentle and natural way to be lice free for years.

The Lice Place being the most trusted company in Texas takes complete care of its clients’ interests and privacy needs. We offer discreet treatment facilities and private rooms with individual attention and care. Our expert technicians will not only provide you with effective clinical treatment but will also give professional tips on preventive measures. As our end goal is to keep families free of lice infestations, we conduct several educational programs to make communities aware of lice detection, treatment and prevention methods.

Call us today if you have any questions about our Plano Lice Removal Products. We are here to help you get rid of the most frustrating head lice problems in the safest, fastest and the most effective way.

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