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    • Treatment Fee - Hair Length Above The EarLobe
    • Treatment Fee - Hair Length Below The Earlobe
    • Comb
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    • Follow-up visit (Mon-Fri)
    • Free head checks
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  • Package Info

    • Hair Length Above EarLobe $75 per person
    • Hair Length Below EarLobe $175 per person
    • $24.95
    • -0-
    • Included
    • 90 days
    • None
    • 30 days- With restrictions (All household members must be checked and treated by TLP if positive for head lice/nits.)
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  • $15.00

    Head Check

    (Cost of the head check is waived if positive, and only the cost of treatment applies.) Schedule Now
  • $24.95

    Terminator Comb

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  • Treatment fees in all locations include:

    • * Our 30-day guarantee (as long as all members of the household are checked and treated if needed)
    • * Follow Up Visit No charge if scheduled within 7 days of initial treatment Monday - Friday. $25 per person if you prefer a Saturday appointment.
    • * The above flat pricing includes 2 hours of treatment time for hair below ear lobe and 1 hour of treatment time for hair above ear lobe. Severity of a case, thickness of hair and how easily we can comb through the hair may affect the treatment time. $25 for each additional 15 minutes will be charged if the treatment time goes over 2 hours.
    • * Our non-toxic pesticide-free treatment method is a very thorough and labor intensive process. The hair is combed out in paper-thin sections, followed by a visual re-check and the manual removal of any remaining eggs or lice. There are cases that may require two visual re-checks. Utilizing this technique, eliminates the need for a second treatment. A follow-up visit is required.

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