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Quality Lice Removal & Lice Treatment Clinic in Homewood

Need a Quality Lice Removal & Lice Treatment Clinic in Homewood? The Lice Place is your solution.

The Lice Place is America’s only lice removal franchise operated by a registered nurse and boasting a 99.6 percent success rate—the highest in the country.  We are so confident in our solution that we guarantee our work for 30 days.

For parents, a lice infestation is traumatic. They must scramble to provide child care and to treat the lice problem in order to get kids back in school. Moreover, over-the-counter remedies often fail, causing a re-infestation and more away from school and work.

The Lice Place can take the burden off you. Owner Penny Warner has hands-on experience as a nurse, and the professional staff at The Lice Place has been treating lice and nits for a combined decade. The Lice Place treats both adults and children in private rooms, using The Warner Method, a safe and effective technique that combines combing with manual removal. There are no toxic chemicals or pesticides.

Equally important, we never treat a child only to send them home and let mom and dad finish the work. If we start a treatment, we finish the job. We also keep you up to date on news about lice treatment, without the panicky language that often accompanies a lice outbreak.

If you are looking for a Quality Lice Removal & Lice Treatment Clinic in Homewood, call The Lice Place at (205) 424-5165 today and let us go to work on solving your problem.

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