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Quality Lice Removal Treatment Clinic in Attalla

Dealing with lice just got easier with the help of the quality lice removal treatment clinic in Attalla. The Lice Place is owned and ran by a staff with many years of experience in the medical field. These individuals understands what it takes to get rid of lice for good and can help any patient that comes through the doors.

When coming to The Lice Place, each patient is first evaluated to ensure that lice is the problem. All evaluations are completed in a clean and sterilized treatment room to ensure that no additional lice or nits are picked up. The treatment process will be carried out by our staff, taking all the frustration and stress away from parents.

We use only non-toxic and pesticide free products to ensure that no side effects occur after treatment. We will also offer parents and patients tips on how to prevent another infestation of lice, which is important.

It is important for patients to keep in mind that there are no regulations regarding lice treatment, which means that they cannot trust just anyone to offer a safe and effective treatment. However, The Lice Place is different. Each staff member has been medically trained and understands what has to be done in order to ensure successful treatment of any lice issue.

Don’t panic, which is most parents reaction to lice. Instead, let our professionals at The Lice Place take care of treatment for you. Within a few hours, all lice can be eradicated and the problem can be just a memory.

For more information about the quality lice removal treatment clinic in Attalla, contact The Lice Place today at (205)424-5165 to schedule your appointment.

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