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Quality Lice Removal Treatment Clinic in Chalkville

Getting rid of lice is no walk in the park. Anyone who has ever had to deal with head lice or nits knows this is true. Even after several treatments of lice removal shampoo and other products, there is a good chance the lice will return. However, for those who want a guaranteed system, performed by medically trained staff, a trip to the quality lice removal treatment clinic in Chalkville is just what is needed.

When treatment is received from The Lice Place, head lice infestations can be gotten rid of quickly and safely. The treatment that is administered is non-toxic and completely pesticide free and while receiving treatment the staff offers preventative steps that parents can take to help safeguard their children and other family members from the issue happening again.

According to The Lice Place, more than 50 percent of the people that come into the office actually do not have head lice. This means that the expensive treatments are completely unnecessary. We will evaluate each patient to accurately determine their issue and then provide an effective treatment solution.

What’s even better about the treatment that is given at The Lice Place is the fact that we offer a guarantee for 30 days. This means if the lice return, we will treat the problem at no charge to the patient.

The bottom line is that there is no reason to stress or become frustrated about head lice. At The Lice Place, this is what we do. We can have any person treated and out the door, completely lice free in just a few hours.

For more information about the quality lice removal treatment clinic in Chalkville, contact The Lice Place today at (205)424-5165 for prompt assistance.

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