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Quality Lice Removal Treatment Clinic in Clay

Lice – it is a parent’s worse nightmare, yet something that many children suffer from each year. Instead of going into panic mode when these little critters are discovered, there is a better option: visiting the quality lice removal treatment clinic in Clay.

At The Lice Place, patients are treated by a team of professionals, all led by a registered nurse. The experience equals many years in the medical field, specifically dealing with head lice. When visiting, parents will receive a full range of services, which include head checks for each member of their family, head lice information and for those who are in need, nit and head lice removal services.

There are a number of benefits offered when parents visit The Lice Place, with the most appealing being the fact that they do not have to tackle the issue alone. Getting rid of head lice is frustrating and challenging; however, here at The Lice Place we have the know-how, products and experience to eradicate these little critters quickly and discreetly.

When parents come to our facilities they can feel confident that discretion will be taken and each patient is given a private exam room. These rooms are cleaned and sterilized to ensure that there is no chance of being infected with lice after visiting. This type of peace of mind is unique to The Lice Place.

Head lice does not have to be a nightmare when you call on our services. We are not just another clinic claiming to have experience in this area, but offer the proof to back up the claims we make. When treatment is sought from us we also start the treatment process, but most importantly FINISH it! After all, the whole point of visiting The Lice Place is to take the lice removal off of the parent’s shoulders.

When it comes to lice, there is really no room for error. To successfully and quickly eradicate lice in a safe and effective manner or to simply learn more about the quality lice removal treatment clinic in Clay, contact The Lice Place today at (205)424-5165.

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