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Quality Lice Removal Treatment Clinic in Guntersville

When lice is discovered, many parents go into panic mode. As a result, they run to the nearest drug store to purchase product after product hoping that one will be able to effectively get rid of the lice they have found in their child’s hair. However, these products are often hit and miss, leaving parents stressed and kids frustrated. Additionally, the longer that lice are present, the higher chances that it will spread to other members of the family. There is a better, more effective, solution, a trip to the quality lice removal treatment clinic in Guntersville.

When parents visit The Lice Place, they will be able to have their child’s case of lice treated by a professional medical staff. In fact, with a combined experience of many years, you cannot beat the effective treatment offered at The Lice Place.

Each person at The Lice Place is dedicated to complete treatment of lice. Additionally, the cost of this treatment is extremely reasonable, with charges being applied per hour. This means for boy’s many treatments can be completed in under an hour. Additionally, each patient will receive a 30 day guarantee for the treatment, giving them peace of mind that the lice will not return.

When it comes to lice treatment, there is no need to go out and purchase expensive, and potentially dangerous products, when a trip to The Lice Place will ensure complete eradication of these critters with an effective and safe product.

For more information about the quality lice removal treatment clinic in Guntersville, contact The Lice Place today at (205)424-5165 to resolve the lice issue quickly.

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